Online Counselling

Online counselling allows you to connect with others regardless of where you may be in the world. So whether you are at home, at work, abroad; you need not be alone.

With our online sessions, we are now taking on clients all across Ireland and as far away as New York and the east coast of the USA.

Video Counselling

This session works with both the client and therapist are visible to each other. This can be very important for some people who want that visual connection, but for whatever reason, are unable to access traditional face to face counselling support.

Video sessions is when both people have access to the additional tool of seeing body language, facial expressions etc. in addition to the feedback associated with hearing. For some people, seeing who they are working with is as important for them as being seen themselves, and is an important aspect of connection and relationship establishment and development. This is a private and confidential service.

Telephone Counselling

As with instant chat sessions, in the telephone sessions, neither the therapist nor the client can see each other. The main reasons clients choose this type of session are privacy related and wanting to access support without the exposure of being seen. Because the communication is verbal rather than typed it is possible for more content to be covered, and both client and therapist can gain a good sense of each other through attentive listening.

As with the instant chat sessions, telephone sessions are not fixed and can also be adapted to suit the needs of the client as the relationship develops and trust is established. This is given only as an option and is dependent on the wants and needs of the client. This is a private and confidential service.

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Professional and Confidential Counselling Service